Yaoi, Het, Yuri--whatever!
Support for Everybody Equally


So it used to be, on this page, there was a manifesto.  It was pretty good, as far as manifestos go, and talked about how we ought to support each other no matter what we want to write, pairing-wise, and all that.  It was apparently not saved.  So.

What this banner campaign is?  It's pretty simple.  We all like anime.  We all like Gundam Wing.  We all write fanfiction, frequently romantic fanfiction in which one or two or however many characters get together and snog each other senseless, or more.  THAT'S A LOT IN COMMON, FOLKS.  It's already more than you probably have in common with half your real-life family.

So whether Heero ends up with Duo or Relena, or you prefer Zechs with Treize or with Noin, shouldn't really be that big a deal, now, should it?

Take a Love is Love banner to promote the idea that all authors have the right and privelege to write whatever they want.  That just because you may not like it doesn't make it wrong.  Take one to show you understand that being a het fan doesn't make one a bigot, and that being a yaoi fan doesn't make you a deviant.  And that some people might actually like both.



1. Save one of the following banners, or make your own.

2.  Display it proudly on your website, with a link back to

3. If you do want to make some banners and donate them, please do!  And then send them to me!

Note:  Feel free to change the size or alter the banners in basically any way you want to.  Have fun, knock yourself out.  No need to ask permission or anything like that.  Take.  Link.  Enjoy. :)