Yes yes, I know, where oh where is the website?  It is going through a bit of a redesign.  I mean, may as well, right, as long as it has to be rebuilt anyway.  And I'm so very, very slow about these things.  In the meantime, here are some things you might enjoy:

*new* all the one-shot fics are recoded and uploaded! 
while I work on the rest of it, you can have the directory back here. :)

love is love (update links!)

arcadia (all my non-GW stuff)

a few remaining GW fics at

test tubes, dragon spawn and demi-gods

spacekitty (my mailing list)


Or you can email me

*Are you going to YaoiCon?  I'll be helping with some panels and running around in Gravitation cosplay, so I hope you'll say hello!*